24 hour service,
call 415-865-5464

For all service of process requests, please call (415) 864-8014 to arrange for free pick up of your documents in San Francisco. For South Bay clients, please call (650) 903-9393 to reach our Mountain View office. For Summons and Complaints, please provide a set of documents for each defendant to be served, plus an additional set for our files in the event it becomes necessary to subserve a defendant and mail in accordance with statutory requirements. For subpoenas, we request that you provide two copies of each subpoena to be served.

Careful Attorney Service will generate a proof of service for all service of process orders, including Declarations of Due Diligence and Mailing (when necessary) at no additional charge. In the event service cannot be successfully completed, A Declaration of Non-Service will be provided at no additional charge. All proofs and declarations are printed on Judicial Council forms. Same Day Service

Service attempted the same day it is received, including Opposing Counsel services under CCP Section 1011, which are served to a fulltime employee of the law office before 5:00 P.M. Same day service beyond the Bay Area can be achieved when enough time is provided by the client to properly effect such service.

Rush Service of Process
In San Francisco and the Bay Area, the first attempt is made within 48 hours, and most often service is first attempted the same day the process is received. For service beyond the Bay Area, additional time may be needed for the transportation of the process to the appropriate affiliate city.

Routine/Regular Service of Process
First attempt is made within 72 hours of receipt in our office. Again, additional time may be needed for transportation for services outside the Bay Area.

Witness Fees
Careful Attorney Service will advance witness fees (upon your request) for services that require the fee to be paid at the time of service. The amount of the fee advanced (plus a 10% check charge) will be added to the charge for service.